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Whi le taking a  break, senior Gulllermo  Amore
              teaches the little boy  how to flip a water  bottle.
             Many of the local children enjoyed  spending lime
                                 with the volunteers.
               After working on the bridge, the seniors take a
             break to eat  lunch on a  hill by the river. Everyday,
              the entire group would eat down by the river as
                     the seniors engaged  with the locals.

                            Taking part  In the assemb ly line, seniors
                         Nicolas Smith, Alexis Agreda  and  Ignacio
                          Lopez-Castro pass buckets of wet concrete
                                                   alo ng .
                         Shoveling sand and  rocks, seniors Francisco
                          Leon, Bernardo  Poulat, Francisco Garcia
                         and  Christopher Moustafa  fill up the w heel

                         of a lifetime                           By: Jose Toledo

                   Unlike any other  school, 65 seniors traveled  to  the Dominican  Republic over
            the summer to  build  a  bridge  for the  local  community.  This mission work  has been  a
            tradition  in the school for the past 35 years, and  last year  was  no exception .
                   Last summer, the seniors flew to Santo Domingo, where they boarded  a  bus
            and  drove to the town of  La  Estancita in Harabacoa . The students, faculty  and  alumni
            who  traveled  stayed  in this small  village , where  they slept, worked , ate,  prayed , and
            celebrated  the  liturgy everyday.
                   "My  favorite  part  of the trip was when we had a  break from work  and were
            able  to  play  baseball  with the  kids In the village ," said  senior  Ma tthew  Pulles.
                   While  most  of  the  students  were  down  by  the  river  mixing  and  pouring
            concrete, a few students would  head  over to the medical  center and  interview famili es
            that came for medical  checkups.
                   "It was humbling  to see these people  live most of their lives sick and  how we
            can help them in so many ways," said  senior Sebastian  Cha mizo.
                                                                                Near the finished  bridg e, a sign was  placed  in Spanish that  translate
                   For  nine  days  the  students  worked  eight  hours  to  construct  the  bridg e.   to "BYM Class of '18,  built in memory of Waysi Portuondo" (It
            Working  hand  in  hand  with  the  local  villagers ,  the  students  forged  new  friend ships   grandmother of three  students who were  on this mission when st
                                                                                     passed aw ay).  The students chose to stay and  finish the job
            and  strengthen  old  ones. The experience  proved to be a  most memorable  one for all   memory of their grandmother.  On the last day  of the trip, Father Will
                                                                                Garcia -Tunon, SJ celebrated  mass with the students and  the locals c
            who  participat ed.
                                                                                                                the  compl eted  bridg
                   "It was a  great  experience to  help  these  people  who  desperately  needed
            this bridge ," said  senior Alessandro  Billau .  "It is an experience  I will  never forget."

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